Get Your Pond Cleaned and Set Up For Summer

Our experienced team takes all the work out... leaving you more time to enjoy your beautiful yard with family and friends

We Eliminate All The Hard Work That Goes Into Having a Pond 

  • Transform Your Dull Pond into An Oasis - We work with you to take the time to understand what you are looking for from your pond and we work hard to transform the pond you imagined into reality. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee We are committed to ensuring your satisfaction and brining the vision you have for your pond to life.

 Here's What We Can Do For You
We help turn your backyard into a breathtaking view you can sit outside and truly enjoy. 

Basic Pressure Washing

We get your pond set-up and running in time for summer

  • We clean the pumps, equipment and features in your pond - Making your pond looking new again.
  • We flush the system - Taking out all the algae and debris that has built up and then refill the pond with fresh water. 
  • At the end we make sure your pond is all set up for you to enjoy! - We do a detailed run through of your pond to ensure its running perfectly and that you pond looks the way you want, ready to be enjoyed by all your family and friends. 

Deep Cleaning and Complete Pond Restoration

We transform your pond into a living oasis for you to enjoy

  • We deep clean your pond by taking our all the rocks and substrate - To rejuvenate your pond we take everything out your pond and clean out everything, making the pond come back to life.
  • Trouble shoot hidden problems - With the rocks and substrate taken out we can look at your ponds lining and check for holes or other hidden damage that's negatively affecting your pond.
  • We can fully restore your pond - By restocking or adding life such as live fish, Lilly pads and live plants. We are also able to landscape the surrounding area of your pond to help you get the pond of your dreams.

We Helped Over 100+ Calgarians Transform Their Ponds







Best Aquarium and Pond Experts in Calgary
Benajamin's Aquarium Services' team has extensive experience in designing and setting up the most complex aquarium and Pond systems. With direct access to the best aquarium and aquatic life providers we are able to handle every step of the process from conceptualization to purchasing supplies and aquatic life to installing the right ecosystem.

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