Get Your Aquarium Cleaned and Looking Brand New Again

Let us bring your aquarium back to life with our full service cleaning packages.  

We Eliminate All The Hard Work That Goes Into Having An Aquarium
  • You Get The Perfect Clean Every time Guaranteed - We provide you with a detailed 100 point cleaning checklist to guarantee you get the best possible maintenance service. After every clean we provide you with a detailed log of what was completed during each service
  • You Never Have to Worry About Your Tank Getting Dirty Again! - We created the BAQS App, which makes it easy to manage, track, and resolve issues. It lets us tackle maintenance issues proactively and immediately, so you never have to worry about problems with your tank.
  • Aquarium Cleaning and doing Fish Tank Maintenance
    Here's What We Can Do For You

    Aquarium Maintenance & 
    Cleaning Services

    •    Economical and Detailed Cleaning Plans
    •     Always On-Time Residential and Commercial Visits
    •     100 Point Maintenance Service Checklist
    •     Ecosystem Checks and Monitoring
    •     Free Aquatic Life Replacement Insurance
    •     Water Changes with Specially Purified Water
    •     Detailed Visit Reports Charting the Health of Your Aquarium
    •     Before and After Photos for each visit
    •     Special access and discounts to aquarium supplies and exotic aquatic life
    Large Stepdown Coral Reef Aquarium

    Identifying Problems Quickly Keeps Your Aquatic Life Healthy.

    • Troubleshoot Problems Before They Happen - With every clean and maintenance we go over a detailed health check of your tank and aquatic life to ensure everything is well. We also provide you with a detailed visit report charting the health of your aquarium, so you are up to date on everything after each maintenance. 
    • 24/7 Emergency Support - We are proud to offer 24/7 after hours emergency support for our customers. Our dedicated team of sales and service technicians are here to help and provide assistance around the clock 
    • Bonus! as part of our specialty maintenance package we offer our clients special access and discounts to aquarium supplies and exotic aquatic life.
    Beautiful Fish Tank in Kitchen

    We Helped Over 500+ Clients Transform Their Amazing Aquariums



    Before Aquarium Cleaning


    After Aquarium Cleaning


    Before Aquarium Maintenance


    After Aquarium Maintenance


    Here's What Makes Our Service Different

    Clients also appreciate our extended service hours, providing regular service Monday - Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., ensuring we can visit at a time convenient to you. As well as having a dedicated staff available for emergency support for aquarium related emergencies as any delay can cause the death of aquatic life and coral.

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