Aquarium Design

Custom Hand Crafted Aquarium Designs

We specialize in creating all types of aquariums that are unique and will blend seamlessly into your living or office space.

*ATTENTION* We are fully booked for custom aquarium projects. There is an *approximately 2 week waiting list and an application needs to be filled to be on the waiting list. To fill out the application CLICK HERE 

UPDATE: We have found a way to fast track applications. If you would like your application fast tracked CLICK HERE

What We Offer

Custom Built In-Wall Aquarium


These are our fully customized aquariums. We work with you to make your creative aquarium design come to life. The tank is custom built from scratch, allowing you to take full creative control.

Standalone aquarium After Cleaning


These are our pre-built aquariums. You choose the size that best fits your space and you can choose from the vast amount of options we have of what you want inside your tank. Our options range from saltwater to freshwater aquariums including coral reefs, underwater gardens, tropical gardens, along with all sorts of fish, sea creatures, and much, much more! Our clients find this option to be easiest and most economical option.

Aquarium Setup and Design

Benjamin’s Aquarium Services has created some of the most breathtaking and vivid aquarium tanks in Calgary. We specialize in creating all types of aquariums that are unique and that blend seamlessly into your living or office space.Whether you are a hobbyist, simply enjoy the beauty and peace of mind an aquarium brings to home, or are a business owner wanting a stunning commercial aquarium display for your restaurant, hotel, office, or medical practice, Benjamin’s Aquarium Services will ensure your aquarium will be a beautiful breathing center piece that your family, staff, and clients will enjoy for many years to come.

Aquarium BenefitsHaving an aquarium at home or workplace not brings beauty and life to your space, aquariums have been proven to:

  •    Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  •     Decrease high blood pressure
  •     Increase productivity
  •     Reduce customer wait time complaints
  •     Improve healing recovery time

Beautiful Residential Fish Tank

Best Aquarium Experts in CalgaryBenajamin’s Aquarium Services’ team has extensive experience in designing and setting up the most complex freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. With direct access to the best aquarium and aquatic life providers we are able to handle every step of the process from conceptualization to purchasing supplies and aquatic life to installing the right ecosystem.

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