New and Custom Aquarium Design

Let us help bring a piece of the ocean to you!

Aquarium Setup and Design

Benjamin’s Aquarium Services has created some of the most breathtaking and vivid aquarium tanks in Calgary. We specialize in creating all types of aquariums that are unique and that blend seamlessly into your living or office space.

Whether you are a hobbyist, simply enjoy the beauty and peace of mind an aquarium brings to home, or are a business owner wanting a stunning commercial aquarium display for your restaurant, hotel, office, or medical practice, Benjamin's Aquarium Services will ensure your aquarium will be a beautiful breathing center piece that your family, staff, and clients will enjoy for many years to come.

Aquarium Benefits
Having an aquarium at home or workplace not brings beauty and life to your space, aquariums have been proven to:

  •    Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  •     Decrease high blood pressure
  •     Increase productivity
  •     Reduce customer wait time complaints
  •     Improve healing recovery time

Why get help with a new aquarium?
Aquariums are big investments with living ecosystems of fish, coral and other sea creatures. You don't want to waste money or kill living beings unintentionally due to trial and error or following the wrong information found online. Not only will you save money and time with your new aquarium setup with us, we'll help you create your dream tank by help you go over all your aquarium options:

  • Should you choose freshwater or saltwater aquariums?
  •     What size tank do you need for the fish you want?
  •     What is the best tank style for your space?
  •     How much tank automation do you want for filters, feeding, monitoring?
  •     What ecosystem design is compatible for various aquatic life and reefs?
  •     Is a custom setup better for your needs than a standard setup
  •     What materials are available for a custom tank?
  •     What are the best supplies for a healthy and long lasting aquarium?
  •     What are the best ways to safely purchase and install exotic fish and reefs?
  •     What is proper chemistry balance and pH levels for your specific aquarium setup?
  •     What is the best asthetic positioning and design of aquarium items and coral?

Best Aquarium Experts in Calgary
Benajamin's Aquarium Services' team has extensive experience in designing and setting up the most complex freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. With direct access to the best aquarium and aquatic life providers we are able to handle every step of the process from conceptualization to purchasing supplies and aquatic life to installing the right ecosystem.