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Safely Moving Your Aquarium Locally in Calgary

Successfully moving your aquarium, life support equipment and aquatic life, including fish, coral, and other invertebrates is a complex process. Fish tanks are very fragile and require great care and expertise to ensure there is no damage during transport or installation at your new location.

Top Rated Calgary Aquarium Movers
Our experienced aquarium movers know how to make your move safe and affordable without damaging the tank, aquatic life, the equipment, or new facilities. We’ll make moving your fish tank fast, easy and uneventful. We take care of everything from carefully dismantling your existing aquarium, packing for safe transport, moving and installing your aquarium aquascape, and rebuilding your aquarium's ecosystem.
Safe, Reliable and Experienced Calgary Aquarium Moving Services

Safe, Reliable and Experienced Calgary Aquarium Moving Services

  •    Create a temporary natural environment for aquatic life
  •     Safely remove and store tropical fish, corals and other invertebrates
  •     Utilize Aeration and heaters to reduce stress and ensure enough oxygen during move
  •     Disconnect and clean all the life support components and plumbing
  •     Monitor and ensuring proper temperature, aeration and water chemistry is maintained during transport
  •     Transport aquatic life, tanks, plumbing, water, coral, and life support equipment
  •     Properly install the tank, plumbing, and life support equipment such as filters, aeration, heaters
  •     Rebuild the aquarium design and aquascaping of the tank
  •     Recalibriate the water chemistry and ecosystem to match original natural conditions
  •     Accumulate your fish, coral reef, and other aquatic life back into the tank

Our team will also provide 24/7 emergency support for up to one week after the move to ensure no new problems arise. Let us handle everything so you can focus on the other aspects of your move. We provide moving services for both residential, commercial and public aquariums.