Turn your ordinary space into a tropical paradise with our custom aquariums

Over 100+ Custom Made Aquariums Created

Proudly Serving Calgary and Surrounding Area Since 2014 

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We Helped Over 100+ Calgarians Transform Their Office and Living Space into their dream tropical getaway 

Breathtaking morning view 

Get the view of the ocean from your kitchen table. Grab your cup of coffee and for a few seconds you can escape into the deep blue. 

Break up a room with elegance and class

Room dividers are a popular choice among our clients. It's the perfect way to break up a room and the get an amazing view in two rooms. 

Custom Built in designs

This is where you imagination can really take hold. Built in aquariums are not for everyone. They require creativity and time but they always come out as the most beautiful creations. 

your Quiet Space

Office aquariums are perfect for our busy clients. It gives them a perfect escape from their busy office life and brings a part of nature to them. 

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We help fulfill the gap between city and nature...

From the desk of Benjamin Lucas Founder of Benjamin's Aquarium.

I had a deep love for the ocean every since I was a kid. When I was 7, I started collecting bottles to earn enough money to save up for my first aquarium...

I remember the night before the pet shop I couldn't sleep. It felt like the night before Christmas, I wanted it to be morning!

I couldn't believe that I was going to have a piece of the ocean to myself! I had enough money for a small blue Betta fish, a simple bowl and my dad helped me out with the cost of food.

I came home and quickly set it up...and plopped my fish in and watched the aquarium come to life.

That tiny bowl and tiny fish named Freddy were the closest thing I had to the beautiful ocean. That peaceful daily escape provided me with everything a human being could need to be happy.

This is why I created Benjamin’s Aquariums. I wanted to help others who loved the ocean as much as I did. I wanted to bring a little piece of the ocean into their home and bring them closer to nature.

Benjamin Lucas (Founder of  Benjamin's Aquarium Services

"Get yourself your own personal sanctuary you'll be very very impressed!"

The relaxing oasis I desperately needed.
The line of work I am in can be very stressful and demanding at times. I would frequently find myself after a long day of work coming home feeling worn out and irritable which was ultimately taking a toll on my family and work life. Then one of my business partners recommended getting an aquarium for my office and at first I was skeptical but the effects have been outstanding! Now I feel more rejuvenated, grounded and calm to take on whatever life throws at me. I highly recommended anyone feeling the same way as I did to get yourself your own personal sanctuary you'll be very very impressed!

Paige McLaren ‧ Calgary, AB

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